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Rituals objects

Cymbals, Tibet,
diameter 8 cm

Nagru, horn of exocist (horn), Himalaya,
height 22cm

Container for puja, Newar from Nepal

Tibetan bowl (airin) Tibet,
diameter 27cm, height 11cm

Case of surgery, Tibet,
13cm x 2.5cm

Double three-pronged fork (metal), Nepal,
height 42cm

Tibetan medecine instruments (metal) Tibet,
height 24cm

Tsatsa mould, Tibet, 6cm x 5cm

Buddhist ritual sceptre (wood),
Newar from Nepal,
height 65cm, diameter 2.5cm. Sold.

Astrological book (paper and cover in leather)
Nepal,10.5cm x 15cm


Parching (wood) Tibet
30cm x 3cm

Parching. Detail



Metal mask from nepalese montains. Sold.

Wooden mask from nepalese montains

Wooden Mugu mask, Nepal

Mask in tissu, Nepal


Stele and statue

Wooden statues, Nepal,
height , width

Tharu stele (wood), Nepal,
34cm x 11cm

Stele out of carved wood, fertility laid out
in the fields, height 115cm

Divinity of sources (wood), Nepal,
height, width

Puit cover

Puit cover (wood), Tharu from Nepal,
high: overall picture,
low: detail, 160cm x 30cm

Puit cover (wood), Tharu from Nepal


Tharu stele (wood), Nepal,
height 145cm

Tharu stele (wood), Nepal,
height 145cm



Ear ornement in glass encrusted with shell
and bronze, Antique period, north of India,
diameter 4cm, height 2.5cm

Ear ornement in heart of conche (shell)
Antique period, north of India,
diameter 2cm, length 3.5cm

Old pendant, India

Rachamala (shamen necklaces), Nepal

Pendentive of India,
high left and right hand-side : tentric.
In bottom on left: Vishnu.
In bottom on right: Kali

Old earings, Nepal,
4.5cm x 4cm


Usuals objects

Naga plate, India,
height 30cm, diameter 27cm

Detail of a wooden scale, Nepal,
height 2m, width 24cm

Lock for safe, Tibet
diameter , height

Pottery from Himachal covered with
wood bark, India,
diameter 20cm, height 20cm

Netis, key of churn, Nepal

Pen holder, root, China

Window from Newari house, Nepal,

Rider in aluminium from Jahjahrkot,
north-west Nepal, height 13cm

Oil lamp, Tibet,

Oil lamp,China
height, width


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